Welcome to Nekron Art gallery and art studio workshop, now recently re-established in North Carolina, USA; fresh battlegrounds of an Icelandic Artist: Didrik Jon Kristofersson (a.k.a. Nekron). Here you will find an extensive collection of his art alongside news of exhibitions and other worthwhile happenings...

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Last updated on:21-05-2022


Poetry and sketches

For those who care to read a little and/or glimpse the path ahead; tick over to the poetry section of this growing domain and feast your eyes upon some lyrical obscurity pertaining to RÁN's incoming album (whenever it's ready)... More artwork in the pipes - some nearly completed - do check out a fresh addition of sketches heralding a rather unwieldy triptych dubbed "Roots"; long in the waiting and to be offered to any willing customer upon completion...




Another glimpse from the small studio...

A little tight for space, but comfy and cozy; just the way I like it... Much to do and more coming up... In the meantime: Do check the links section or click the image below to investigatemy daughter's portfolio... The poor thing grew up with a brush in her hand; the first canvas completed at the early age of 2 and now knee deep in creative design; quite the entreprenour and talented as well... Enjoy her works:




Signed up with Apollo Art Iceland

I am pleased to announce my partnership with the fine people at Apollo Art Iceland, who will handle any of my sales in the homeland henceforth...

The selection is modest to begin with, but rest assured that there will be fresh pieces appearing there at any given time as I carefully set my aims at to include U.S. galleries in the near future.

As for Apollo Art: Look no further than the image below, or bravely click a purposefully and somewhat permanently placed banner on the right side of this column. Enjoy...

Let there be ART...!m!





More poetry...

A small update; a little late perhaps as the intrepid visitor is urged lay his visors upon the POETRY section of this ever growing and multifarious webdomain... With much going on and hours on end; spent in the studio each day, I dare promise more updates and news shortly... In the meantime: Have a wonderful day and stay creative; in your own particular manner of course...




A first glimpse from the small NC studio

The space fits the size as I work arduously on completing a long overdue assignment alongside other pieces of similar weight and girth... It shall be the last of its kind as the sketchbook awaits attention with greater projects ahead and some interesting news that I look forward to announcing when the time is right...

In the meantime: Dear viewer... Thank you for your visit and be safe...




Biography updated (Artist Statement)

Inviting any visitor (especially Gallery owners or anyone with contacts in the field of Fine Arts here in the United States or elsewhere) to head to the Biography section and read, observe and get to know me a little better... As always; feel free to contact me with any suggestions and/or critique as I welcome constructive criticism...

Be safe and well...




Announcing Poetry

Having promised updates and fixes; not to ignore Art and Music (incoming); we see the first of many tasks completed as I faithfully present the very new POETRY section of this website... In the very least - and to any visitor who lacks abilities in the noble language of Icelandic - I'd highly recommend Google Translate as the results can be quite entertaining...

Rock on people - I salute you...!m!


Relocation completed - again...

Never known to sit still for long; another adventure and nearly 18 months to date my ultimate journey to new grounds; having left the homeland for the taste of the New World amidst turning tides of pandemics, war and emerging recession...

The show must go on and let there be art, music and more art as the new studio beckons (small as it is for the time being) and the energies, wild life and nature serves as muse to the mind... So much to do and plenty of time to do it with, but - first - the new website address: NEKRONART.COM ...And here you are...

Some apologies as quirks abound whereas the bulk of the website is carefully (and somewhat carelessly) moved to the new location, but all will function ere the end...

To serve curiosity; there is much going on and even more to be revealed as time passes... Allow the artist to promise regular updates and artwork as the engine is set at "full speed ahead..."

In the meantime and if all else fails; please check the creative design efforts of my first born as she tackles her own talents with laborious resolve: DTDVINA

Enjoy and prosper,



Exhibitions over and done with

...And many thanks to those who came, saw and - not to mention - either purchased some truly unique art, or began a collaboration to produce fresh series and the breaking of boundaries yet again... Truly special thanks to the wonderful people at SÍM for the kind assistance and hospitality; and even more exclamations of gratitude to the wonderful staff at Litir og Föndur for the service, tolerance and fair prices. The artist salutes you all !!!

That said, expect some fresh artwork to appear soon enough as the studio is cluttered with 'pieces-in-the-making'; some in colour, others not so much... So much to do.

...And a something special has begun to appear under the BLACKENED banner of the Cryptogenic series; a something to be discovered by the lucky few as time passes under the lessening winter sun here in the cold, darkening north.




SÍM exhibition closing down

Location: Hafnarstræti 16, 101 Reykjavík, Iceland

The closing date is indeed set on the 24th of October. Open every day between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. and a last chance to see some of these works for a while.


Massive updates: Introducing much of the Blackened/Cryptogenic series

With the final week of the exhibition at the SÍM Gallery upon us (see below for details); there has been some urgency to add the numerous additions to the Blackened series (Sortnun) to this interweb domain...

Not entirely complete; the BLACKENED page does however show the mainstay of the series (in variable quality with apologies) and more shall certainly be added as photographs emerge.

Another edition here and at this time, would be the SALES section where most unsold works will appear and remain until they are - well... - sold. Feel free to head to the contact section if you see something you like. Requests/inquiries will be met with all what haste the artist possesses.

...And I'd like to point the visitor to the 'F' icon - on the left of this text - as well as the link to the "Arkiv.is" artist collect which hosts some of my work along with some detailed explanation and would-be art theory that underscores what lies before us.

Enjoy the works...




Exhibition at the SÍM gallery - Hafnarstræti 16, Rvk

Torg/Listamessa Art event behind us (many thanks to the hundreds of intrepid visitors and the outstanding SÍM staff who accomplished the seemingly unachievable); all focus remains on the current event at Hafnarstræti 16, Reykjavík, where 21 pieces of the fast growing series can be seen.

Expect a full update to this website soon (as I intend to include the vast amount of works that have been created in the last year or so). In the meantime, enjoy some images and explanations at the following address (tap for English in the top corner): https://arkiv.is/artist/617

...And - of course - a sample image of Kali (one of the Gorgon series) that now hangs at the show room mentioned above:


October exhibitions and new series

Having begun a newfound direction in Art: it is time to declare the Cryptogenic style; in a series I commonly refer to as Blackened ("Sortnun" in Icelandic). This does not prevent further indulgence and work in the more 'colourful' works of figurative fantasy and exploration of the Norse heritage (plenty more coming there I assure you), but let it be known that the glue (so to speak) is 'constructivism' as I have found a deep, personal connection to the constructivist works of the early to mid last century.

Suffice to say - for the time being - I shall focus on developing "Black on Black" further and would invite anyone in Iceland to join me at two exhibitions launched simultaneously. It's madness, but it's Art !!!

Updates will be coming soon enough and do click on the image below to be directed to the event on Facebook:

Translation effort: At Korpúlfsstaðir, Reykjavík - 4th to 6th of October

Thursday, the 3d of October (opens at 1700 hrs) at the SÍM Gallery, Hafnarstræti 16, Reykjavík


SERIES updated

Having had the benefit of sound advice; the leap has been taken to augment the growing selection of Norse Art with links to information and background to the many stories and characters depicted therein. Of course, Wikipedia can only offer so much and the visitor is encouraged to quest further to gain proper insights in to the splendid realm of Norse lore and Sagas.




More series to come...

Plenty in the works here and the artist quite ecstatic to announce the birth of several new series and artforms here in the studio; to somewhat herald a great change that is about to befall... All very good and more news as events warrant, but I advice any viewer to head over to the Series section of this website to glimpse the first of three in the 'Sortnun/Blackened' series; much more incoming as the next two are indeed finished and ready for photography...




Exhibitions, website update and more...

Another long stretch of things in-between updates and any viewer is adviced to head to my Facebook page for more regular news on completed artwork, exhibitions and what else that comes about.

More artwork has indeed been completed, much of what is sold already and with fresh series and commissions. To say the least, some of my best efforts are sure to decorate the Artwork and Series sections of this website. More to be added soon enough and feel free to scale down below for a selection of images from my recent exhibition at Gallery Gátt here in Iceland...

Enjoy !!!



New Studio

It has indeed been a while since the last update, but much has progressed and the art goes ever on and onwards as natural laws permit. A new and more reclusive studio - this time in Reykjavik - has been secured and more news following as events warrant. Let there be art!!!





Didrik Jon Kristofersson



!m! work in progress !m!

Much to do in the studio and already; the next exhibition is merely around the corner. The theme should be somewhat centred around the old gods of the Ásatrú, or Nordic faith. The paintings are looking quite promising, if I may say so myself...

Watch this space for regular - say, weekly - updates and hold Sunday, the 21st of June (summer solstice) free if you wish to. See you soon enough...

Let there be art !!!

Didrik Jon Kristofersson

With the exception of specific images used with permission, all imagery, theory and/or idea is the sole property of Didrik Jon Kristofersson (a.k.a. Nekron). © Nekron Art


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